NETHERLANDS – Consulting firm Avida International is looking for fiduciary managers for a multibillion-euro Dutch pension fund client via IPE-Quest.

The search (QN639) says the fund “is planning to hire one or more (fiduciary) managers that will work closely together with the fund’s internal management to enhance the performance of the assets against liabilities”.

“The board of the fund has decided to restructure the investment side of the fund. As part of this process a new organizational model has been designed, which will consist of a small internal management team, who will report directly to the board.

“The internal team will co-ordinate the ALM process, the investment strategy and risk budgeting process.”

This model will be completed with two outsourced investment mandates. These will cover 1) Lead overlay and risk management and 2) Management of managers.

Candidates are invited to consider their suitability for each of these mandates separately. Depending on the responses the fund will consider combining them into an integrated fiduciary mandate.

Responses to the RFI are requested by July 14.