NETHERLANDS - A Dutch corporate pension fund is using IPE-QUEST to look for a large cap Canadian equities manager for a $125m (€94m) mandate (QN735).

The benchmark would be the Toronto Stock Exchange (broad) composite index, against which maximum tracking error would be 2.5% and minimum tracking error, 0.5%.

Consistent with a desired "enhanced" process, the client is not looking for an active product or "watered down" active product.

It would also prefer managers who can offer a long-only extension strategy, e.g. 120-20 or 130-30.

The minimum assets under management for both the mandate and the firm in total is $1bn.

In search QN736 a Dutch corporate pension fund is looking for an equity large cap core Asia Pacific ex-Japan manager for a $200m portfolio.

Preferred benchmark is the MSCI Pacific Ex Japan with a maximum tracking error of 1%.

Interested managers should have a preferred minimum track record of three years with the absolute minimum being two years. The minimum assets under management for the mandate is $1bn, and $2bn for the firm.

Deadline for participation is March 30 for both searches.