AUSTRIA - Markus Zeilinger, chairman of the board, and Johannes Puhr, head of asset management, are leaving the €240m Bonus Pensionskasse.

The two-times IPE country award winner has hired Gerhard Neustädter to replace Puhr.

Neustädter had left the Austrian APK Pensionskasse as head of risk management at the end of last year.

Zeilinger will not renew his chairmanship at the end of the year and subsequently leave the company in spring. No replacement for him was found yet, it was confirmed to IPE.

Future endeavours of both Puhr and Zeilinger have not been revealed at present.

Bonus, the smallest of the six industry-wide Austrian Pensionskassen, was awarded the country award for Austria at this year's IPE event in Vienna in November for its risk management, but officials were not in attendance to collect the prize.

"I am very glad and proud about this IPE award for Bonus," outgoing chairman Zeilinger told IPE.

"This second award proves last year was not a one-off lucky win but that Bonus offers sustainable quality."

He confirmed the board of the Pensionskasse has decided to keep in place the strategies and frameworks introduced by Zeilinger and his team over the last seven years even after his departure.

The IPE jury highlighted the risk management approach of the Pensionskasse, a subsidiary of Zürich and Generali insurance companies, as major part of its sustainable investment strategy.

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