EUROPE – is getting close to recording one million article views, or “hits”, and there’s a prize for the millionth reader.

The millionth hit will occur shortly, though we cannot be sure of the exact date – so keep reading the news stories and you may be the lucky reader.

“We monitor the popularity of using a simple counter to monitor each time someone reads one of our news articles - and the millionth article read is coming soon,” says IPE director Tony Hay.

IPE will deliver six bottles of Dom Perignon 1995 vintage champagne to the millionth reader. Alternatively the winner may request wine of their choice to the value of 750 euros. articles attract more than 4,300 reads every day -up from just over 1,000 a day June 2002.

The most popular story ever published detailed the results of the IPE Awards Winners 2002, which had 4,651 reads.

Almost 90% of the readership is in Europe and the UK, with 52% in Continental Europe and 36% in the UK.