Alifond, the second-pillar scheme for employees of the Italian food industry, is tendering seven mandates for its bilanciato option – six “traditional” mandates and one private asset portfolio.

The six traditional portfolios include two global active balanced mandates worth a combined €200m, two specialist global active bond briefs for a total of €150m, and two specialist global active equity mandates worth €110m in total.

The private asset mandate – worth €90m – invests in alternative investment funds for private equity and pivate debt.

The contracts for the traditional mandates will last for five years, while the private asset mandates for 12 years.

Fondenel integrates ESG into strategy

The pension fund for the energy company Enel, Fondenel, has opted to include environment, social and governance (ESG) criteria into its investment strategy.

The scheme has chosen a new benchmark for its equity investments, a global index built according to ESG criteria and provided by the FTSE Russell.

Fondenel also applies the ESG criteria to corporate bonds by excluding issuers that are not in line with a minimum level of ESG rating.

The fund said rhar at a global level institutional investors are increasingly moving towards the adoption of ESG policies and that European legislation is also encouraging sustainable forms of investments.

Fondo Creval names new president, vice president

The pension fund for the employees of the Credito Valtellinese bank (Creval), Fondo Creval, has appointed Vittorio Pellegatta as president of the fund and Dario Bianchi as vice president.

Additionally, the scheme’s board of directors confirmed Giovanni Bianchi as manager of the fund.

The new board of directors includes, in addition to the president and the vice president, Matteo Barbetta, Alfredo Bertolini, Luca Codurelli, Alessandro Coppi, Raffaella Cristini, Pietro Fumagalli, Aldo Ronca, Riccardo Rossini, Fabio Salis, Alessandro Vanoncini, Francesco Verdiglione and Lara Vettorato.

Postal scheme extends BNP Paribas’ contract

Fondoposte, the complementary pension fund for Italian postal workers, has extended the contract with BNP Paribas Securities Services as the provider for banking deposits services.

BNP Paribas has been providing depositary banking services to Fondoposte since 2016. The postal workers fund had already picked the firm for securities lending services to cover € 2.3bn of Fondoposte’s assets.

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