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    UK government on wrong pensions track survey finds


    UK – Pension funds believe that government policy is moving in the wrong direction for both occupational and state provision, according to the Association of Consulting Actuaries’ Pension Trends Survey 2005.

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    Multinationals try to hold the line

    May 2005 (Magazine)

    Multinational companies based in the Netherlands are re-evaluating how much control they need to impose on their different pension plans around the world in light of ballooning costs and liabilities. But despite this increasingly close attention to their international liabilities and scheme designs – and the impact this is having ...

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    Making the right choice

    May 2005 (Magazine)

    For the majority of pension funds, taking on a multi-manager is an all-encompassing decision that can risk making the trustees look like they are just following the latest fad without boosting returns. As a result, trustees or those in charge of the pension scheme are being more cautious than multi-managers ...

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    Fujitsu UK arm facing High Court pension writ


    UK - A UK subsidiary of Japanese technology giant Fujitsu has been issued with a High Court writ by one of its former employees and pension fund trustees.

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    UK set to offer 50-year bonds

    April 2005 (Magazine)

    Pension funds will see an immediate benefit from the introduction of 50-year bonds by the UK government from this month. The ultra-long bonds are expected to help pension schemes better match their liabilities and help set the price of the synthetic products being expensively sold by investment banks. Gordon Brown, ...

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    SSgA's Alan Brown resigns while Leahy is promoted


    Alan Brown, group chief investment officer at State Street Global Advisors and one of the most influential figures in fund management, has resigned while his internal rival for the top job has been promoted, the company said.

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    Calpers to move to 15-year contribution smoothing


    The $186bn (€139bn) California Public Employees’ Retirement System (Calpers) has provisionally agreed to smooth employer contributions by viewing the changes in asset values over a 15-year period instead of three years.

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    OECD warns of asset meltdown after €1,000bn in pension losses


    The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has warned of a potential “asset meltdown” in financial markets as more people retire, having just seen more than €1,000bn knocked off pension assets in a year.

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    Fidelity creates separate US institutional arm


    Fidelity Investments is creating a separate institutional arm separate from its retail mutual funds in the US.

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    Turner & Newall to cost Protection Fund £225m


    UK- Turner & Newall, the failed UK engineering company, could cost the Pension Protection Fund £225m to help meet its promises to employees, according to independent consultant John Ralfe.

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    Executives choose early retirement over pension tax


    UK - The UK government’s decision to impose a cap on people’s pension pot has sparked the first public early retirement plan and warnings of a talent drain of senior executives.

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    UK Budget introduces 50-year bonds


    Pension funds will see an immediate benefit from the introduction of 50-year bonds by the UK government from next month.

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    UK actuaries start huge shake-up after report on conflicts of interest


    UK actuaries are facing its biggest shake-up in the last 100 years as the government –appointed expert recommends independent scrutiny of the profession and other measures to address the “quite serious” problems and conflicts of interest it faces.

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    Skandia reaches friendly settlement with former chair


    SWEDEN - Skandia, the Swedish insurer, has reached a friendly settlement with Lars Ramqvist, a former chairman of its compensation and audit committees, over allegations he failed to properly oversee the staff bonus scheme.

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    MLIM appoints Anne Swift and warns on equity overconfidence


    Merrill Lynch Investment Managers has appointed Anne Swift as its relationship manager and investment officer in the defined contribution pension team but has also warned that institutional fund managers were more overweight in equities than at any time since 1999.

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    Managing in a cold climate

    February 2005 (Magazine)

    For Theo Jeurissen, investment manager of the e22bn Pensioenfonds Metaal en Techniek (the Dutch metalworking and mechanical engineering sector pension fund), the two newest issues are: how to deal with the rule changes requiring pension fund valuations to use market rates when valuing a portfolio rather than a fixed 4% ...

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    Martin Currie sees big mandate wins but denies sale rumour


    UK - Martin Currie Investment Management has won significant new mandates in its latest financial year but has denied speculation that its latest appointment signifies its planned sale.

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