GLOBAL – JP Morgan Investor Services has launched a tax information service for institutional investors such as pension schemes.

It said its new web-based E-Tax service is “one of the most comprehensive collections of global tax news, intelligence and information available to institutional investors”.

“JP Morgan Investor Services is the first custodian to offer its clients a full range of global tax resources in a simple-to-use, web-based product that allows customization of information at their fingertips.” said Neil Henderson, senior vice president.

“JP Morgan E-Tax is the first of several new state-of-the-art technology advancements on our VIEWS platform, so our clients have the best-in-class system in the industry.”

The bank added investors would be able to increase their investment returns through better tax management.

“It also provides information and insights on dealing with complex cross-border tax issues and how they impact portfolio performance,” said Lawrence Manning, head of tax services.

The tool is designed for institutional investment professionals at investment banks, asset management firms, pension funds, banks and life insurers.

It offers tax information from more than 85 markets around the world.