Keith Ambachtsheer

  • Special Report

    IPE at 15: Pension funds can shape the future of capitalism

    February 2012 (Magazine)

    Keith Ambachtsheer argues that pension funds are in a unique position to move capitalism in a direction that is more wealth-creating, more sustainable, less crisis-prone, and more legitimate than it is today

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    The power of the 'case method'

    January 2006 (Magazine)

    If you felt some tremors on 25 October, the cause may have been the animated debate at the University of Toronto’s Rotman school of management about the right financial policies for the Public Sector Employee Retirement System (PERS). The participants in the debate were the 55 attendees to a colloquium ...

  • Special Report

    Down with pension silos

    March 2004 (Magazine)

    Peter Drucker was in town recently. Well, at least electronically, as at a ripe 93 years of age, the world-renowned business philosopher doesn’t fly anymore. He was the final speaker in a series on ‘integrative thinking’ at the University of Toronto. Drucker observed that in both higher business education, and ...

  • Special Report

    The seven habits of highly effective pension funds

    January 2004 (Magazine)

    It seems like Steven Covey’s personal improvement bible “The 7 habits of highly effective people” has been on best-selling book lists forever. What if we changed the ‘people’ word in the book title to ‘pension funds’? What would become of Covey’s effective people habits like ‘be proactive’, ‘begin with the ...

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    Part of funds' win-win strategies

    October 2002 (Magazine)

    Should pension scheme sponsors implement their pension promise through dedicated, internal ‘subsidiaries’? Or should they outsource the implementation function to external service providers? There is no simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer here. However, we can build a strategic framework to explore the pros and cons of outsourcing all or part ...

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    Outsourcing or in-house

    October 1999 (Magazine)