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    Asset Class Reports

    Equities: Factor investment strategies return to favour

    December 2022 (Magazine)

    After a few years of poor returns from factor investing, investors are again showing interest – but with more realistic expectations 

  • Asset Class Reports

    Private markets: Pension funds review private equity as allocations hit targets

    November 2022 (Magazine)

    Lower equity and fixed income values see pension funds off-load their exposure to illiquid assets 

  • Chen Tracy
    Asset Class Reports

    Emerging market debt: China government bonds

    October 2022 (Magazine)

    The outlook for Chinese government debt is looking less attractive 

  • Tim Coyne -T Rowe Price
    Special Report

    New kids on the ETF block

    ETF Guide (2022)

    Inflows into exchange-traded funds (ETFs) may have taken a hit in the latest bout of market turmoil, but this is not expected to deter new entrants from joining the fray. It is always challenging to break into a new market, especially one dominated by a handful of firms but, those players with innovative, specialised solutions and strategies are expected to make their mark.

  • Rafi Aviav - WisdomTree
    Special Report

    Post-Brexit flux in Europe

    ETF Guide (2022)

    Although Brexit has changed the dynamics of the European asset management landscape, the checklist for choosing a location for an exchange-traded fund (ETF) has not altered: a solid legislative foundation, requisite skillsets, favourable tax treatment and cross-border distribution acumen. 

  • Benjie Fraser

    Important role for securities services firms in ESG metrics

    July/August 2022 (Magazine)

    The focus on environment, social and governance (ESG) or sustainability investing is almost always on the front office. Fund flows, strategies and research have been centre stage. Often forgotten are the asset-servicing firms working in the wings developing solutions to help their clients evaluate, validate and comply with rules and regulations, particularly in Europe. 

  • Custodians graph

    Custodians will be key as investors move into digital assets

    July/August 2022 (Magazine)

    Digital assets may seem to be the latest investment trend, but institutions are taking their time in embracing them.  Moving interest to the next level will require not only greater regulation but also a solid network of custodians to provide the required security and protection.

  • Huite Hak
    Special Report

    Outlook: Investors grapple with inflation and rising rates

    June 2022 (Magazine)

    The asset allocation options available to institutional investors in such uncertain times are few

  • Masahiro Ichikawa

    Investors sceptical on Tokyo equity market reforms

    May 2022 (Magazine)

    In April, the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) implemented its biggest overhaul in over 60 years in an attempt to attract foreign investors. However, many industry experts see the move as largely symbolic and believe more needs to be done to create a roster of high-quality companies with strong corporate governance practices.

  • Richard Hope - April 2022
    Asset Class Reports

    Credit: Investors cautious over Ukraine war

    April 2022 (Magazine)

    Despite geopolitical tensions, inflation and rising costs, private debt market remains optimistic after a record 2021

  • Jeff Boswell

    Briefing: High yield off to a rough start to the year

    March 2022 (Magazine)

    High yield did not have a good start to the year. Rising inflation and a more hawkish central bank tone in the US and UK triggered panic selling in January. However, as the dust settles and bad news is priced in, the asset class looks more appealing than other fixed-income segments. Easy pickings may be gone, though, and opportunities will have to be selected carefully.

  • Ritchey_Brooks_High Res
    Asset Class Reports

    Portfolio Strategy – Hedge Funds: Macro bets on

    February 2022 (Magazine)

    Global macro funds should do better in the current market environment – but not all will thrive and investor due diligence will be key 

  • James de Bunsen

    Perspective: Songs strike a chord

    November 2021 (Magazine)

     A welter of recent private market deals and artists’ catalogue sales have moved music income strategies into the mainstream

  • Roxane Sanguinetti
    Special Report

    Index design: do your research

    ETF Guide (2021)

    Thematic exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are not new but over the past year those with a sustainability and technology slant have captured the imagination. Inflows have surged but investors are advised to be vigilant and judiciously examine the index construction and approach. As past events have shown, it is too easy to be caught off guard by rebalancing or by stocks that may not fit the bill.

  • Anna Paglia 2021 Headshot - High Resolution
    Special Report

    Semi-transparent ETFs: balance and confidence

    ETF Guide (2021)

    For now, active semi-transparent or non-transparent exchange-traded funds are likely to remain unique to the North American and Australian investment markets; their European counterparts appear reluctant to take the plunge, although some industry experts believe this will change in time.

  • Justin Chapman

    Briefing: Bonds on the blockchain

    July/August 2021 (Magazine)

    Bitcoin’s wild ride has been hard to ignore this past year. However, it has mainly attracted its stalwart audience of retail investors, family offices and hedge funds. Institutional investors mostly sat on the sidelines, although interest has been piqued. Digital assets, most notably bonds and not cryptocurrencies, are likely to garner the inflows owing to the comfort of regulation and established market infrastructure. 

  • Features

    Briefing: Credit-risk niche gains interest

    June 2021 (Magazine)

    In a world of prolonged low interest rates, institutional investors are scouring different pockets of the investment landscape to generate additional returns. One area is capital regulatory transactions, which are far from new but are being put under the microscope for their potential as part of an alternative credit portfolio. However, these transactions can be more complex than other alternative credit asset classes and require specialist expertise, skills and understanding.

  • Brad Bauer
    Asset Class Reports

    Hedge funds and distressed debt: Competition for assets will be fierce

    February 2021 (Magazine)

    Hedge funds will have to compete with private equity and credit funds for distressed opportunities following the pandemic

  • Rima Haddad
    Special Report

    Getting what you pay for

    ETFs Guide 2020

    Price wars are nothing new for passive asset managers, but the contest has been particularly intense in the exchange-traded funds (ETF) space as new and existing players jostle for position. While low cost is always a draw it is clearly not the only factor in the investment decision process.

  • Features

    Briefing: Timing is everything in distress

    September 2020 (Magazine)

    After an extended period in the wilderness, distressed debt funds – bereft of opportunities because of ultra-low interest rates and economic buoyancy – are back in the spotlight with large players coming to the market.

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