GREECE - A man has been arrested following the murder of the head of Social Insurance Institute (IKA), Greece's largest social security organisation, according to Athens police.

 Yiannis Vartholomeos, the governor of IKA, was found dead at the apartment block in Athens on Friday evening, where, according to newspaper reports, he had been visiting a senior IKA official.

Newswires reported that Dimitris Vrakatselis, said to be the husband of the senior official Vartholomeos was visiting, was charged with murder after turning himself in to police yesterday.

The newswires added that Vrakatselis told police he suspected his wife was having an affair, and claimed he had no intention of killing Vartholomeos, who died after multiple blows to the head.

Economics professor Vartholomeos had headed the pension fund since 2004, and was a senior member of Greece's ruling conservative New Democracy party.

IKA was unavailable for comment today. It covers 5.5m workers and employees and provides 830,000 pensioners with retirement pension.