Sweden’s AP2 is looking for a company to provide a trading cost-analysis (TCA) system to evaluate brokers’ execution for the buffer fund and analyse whether its trading strategies are “as optimal as possible”.

It said it required a TCA system for analysis of mainly its internal cash equity execution.

“We are looking for a system that can evaluate trading decisions by providing quick and user-friendly cost analysis,” it said.

“Since we are investing in a range of markets, both developed and emerging markets, it is important the system cover these markets.”

The analysis should include both post-trade analysis and TCA analysis, it said.

The contract period is proposed to be 48 months, subject to a right of early termination with a due notice period.

The deadline for applications is 23 April.

For more information on the tender, click here.

In other news, Vontobel Asset Management has appointed KNEIP for fund data management, regulatory filing, KIID production and financial reporting.

Vontobel will be making use of KNEIP’s service across its entire Swiss and Luxembourg-domiciled fund ranges.