GLOBAL – Dutch-based consulting firm Avida International has entered into a partnership with Texas-based Mcube Investment Technologies with regards to Mcube’s web-based software product AlphaEngine.

Pegged as a product that assists in portfolio decision-making using a rule-based approach, AlphaEngine will be of particular use to pension schemes facing more stringent requirements on how their asset management activities are organised.

Current clients include larger pension schemes, asset managers and fiduciary management companies interested in moving towards implementing smart beta and alpha management.

Consultants can use the web-based tool to customise analyses to their clients’ specific objectives, portfolio structure and policy constraints, said a release.

“I am delighted with this alliance and observe an enormous need for our services,” said Avida chief executive Paul Boerboom. “This is a strong combination.”

According to Mcube’s research head and chairman Arun Muralidhar, the group is “honoured” to have Avida as its first consulting client.

“While many providers focus on just manager selection, Avida realized the value of understanding the entire investment structure.

“Now, through our partnership with Avida in the Netherlands, smaller funds with limited internal resources will be able to improve their governance to the level of the largest, best staffed plans.”

Mcube Investment Technologies develops and provides decision support products for institutional investment management. It has a global client base with clients in Europe, the Middle East and North America.