UK – Julia Hobart and Denis Bastin have transferred from Mercer Investment Consulting to sister company Mercer Oliver Wyman.

“It was actually an extremely logical move,” said Hobart. “It was a very good fit.”

Mercer Oliver Wyman, the financial services strategy and risk management consulting arm of Marsh & McLennan, said in a statement that it has appointed Hobart and Bastin as directors in its London office.

Hobart said the role is a global one and that she and Bastin would bring the total number of directors, the most senior level, to seven in the unit's capital markets practice. She set up Mercer's investment consulting business in continental Europe and ran it for five years. Bastin joined Mercer in 1996.

The division has a total 104 directors globally and 31 in London.

They both transferred from the manager advisory arm of Mercer Investment Consulting and will help Mercer Oliver Wyman to advise asset management firms.

"The addition of these two senior and well-respected directors brings a new dimension to our advisory work with asset managers,” said John Drzik, the president of Mercer Oliver Wyman.

“This sector of financial services is undergoing significant structural change, and our strengthened capabilities will put us in a prime position to support senior management as they consider their responses to this change."

Mercer bought Oliver, Wyman & Co. in February 2003 for an undisclosed sum.

Mercer Human Resource Consulting recently said that it named Towers Perrin’s Clive Ellston as a European principal, based in London and Birmingham.