FRANCE – Fitch AMR, the Paris based ratings company, has awarded a ‘aa’ rating to Frankfurt based Metzler Asset Management, which has some €9.5bn in assets under management.

The ‘aa’ rating is Fitch’s third highest and is generally indicative of the capacity of an asset manager company to manage inherent risk.

The five main areas which Fitch looks at when measuring asset management companies are structure, independence(from parent), communication, investment strategy and risk management. With 91% , Metzler scored highest for investment strategy, which Fitch says is “presented in a consistent and homogeneous way for each product group (active equity; equity growth; fixed income; balanced), within well-documented marketing presentations.”
For the other four criteria combined, Metzler scored an average of 79.25%, with not one under 75%.

Metzler is also active in consultancy work, advising both existing and future clients on risk return analysis and asset liability studies.