NETHERLANDS - Montae, the Dutch pensions consulting and law firm, is working with the Corporate Governance Insights Centre of the University of Groningen (RUG) to help pension funds define good fund governance.

Announcing a joint initiative to research the functioning of pension fund boards today, the two said their research is intended to give an academic and practical insight into best practices to help pension fund boards improve in their governance.

Montae and RUG want to focus on the practicalities of governance, and will cover the role of the chairman and the board's expertise, while looking at how pension fund managers spend their time.

The move is part of the consultant's drive to roll out its governance centre for pension funds.

The company, which appointed former ING pensions head Jan Nijssen to its executive boars in September last year, said at the time would develop a number of services to support the functioning of the pension fund board.

The initiatives come in the light of the new Pension Fund Governance (PFG) law and self-evaluation requirements for pension fund boards in the Netherlands.

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