SWEDEN - AMF Pension Fondförvaltning's, the fund administration company owned by AMF Pension, has named Tor Marthin as its new chairman.

Marthin, the former AMF Pension chief investment officer who was succeeded by Sarah McPhee when he retired in 2004, takes over from Christer Elmehagen who remains on the board.

AMF Pension is Sweden's largest fund company with around SEK35bn under management.

Meanwhile, financial watchdog Finansinspektionen last week said that a new test version of the traffic-light model for life insurance companies and occupational pension funds has been launched.
The current model only includes a stress test of financial risks on assets and liabilities. The new test version also includes tests for insurance risks, such as mortality, morbidity and lapse risks as well as expense risks.
This new version will be tested on a group of selected companies and funds. Other companies will also be given the opportunity to test the new version and share their results and views on the model, preferably on Tuesday, October 17 at the latest. After that, a version for formal submission will be produced.