EUROPE – The pensions industry continues to generate new publications going into the new year. Here is a roundup of some new and soon-to-be published books dealing with all aspects of pensions policy and the crisis facing the industry.

“Macroeconomic Impact of Global Aging: A New Era of Economic Frailty?” by Robert Stowe England (Centre for Strategic and International Studies).

“Private Pensions and Public Policies” by William Gale, John Shoven and Mark Warshawsky (to be published in April by the Brookings Institution).

“Pension Schemes and Pension Funds in the UK” by David Blake (due March 1, Oxford University Press). Analyses the investment behaviour of pension funds and examines the analytical and policy aspects of the pensions industry.

“European Pensions and Global Finance” by Gordon Clark (due January 31, Oxford University Press). Argues that European monetary union has been a factor in making the pensions promise untenable.

“Pension Scheme Investment Practice Guide” by John Quarrel (Tolley).

“Pension Reform in Europe: Process and Progress” edited by R Holzmann, M Orenstein and M Rutkowski (World Bank). Examines the political economy of pension reform.

“Accounts and Audit of Pension Schemes” by Jo Rodgers (Butterworths Tolley). A reference guide for those providing accounting advice for pension funds.