ATP, the Danish statutory pensions giant, appears to be putting a higher priority on digitisation, with its new group strategy elevating the activity to one of three primary goals.

In a presentation to employees on Wednesday, chief executive officer Martin Præstegaard and Haktan Bulut, chief information technology officer (CITO), unveiled ATP’s 2024 group strategy, which includes a trio of overall aims, under the headings “contribution to society”,  “digitisation” and “sustainability”.

Under the first, according to presentation slides from the event, ATP pledges to make a strong contribution to society and help to future-proof the welfare society, while under the second heading, the group – which runs the DKK644bn (€86.4bn) statutory pension scheme ATP Lifelong Pension and administers state benefits – said “ATP will be one of Denmark’s leading technology and digitisation houses”.

Under “sustainability” meanwhile, the Copenhagen-based institution said it would “promote a greener society with room for all talents”.

A spokesman for ATP declined to give further details of the strategy, saying it would be presented publicly alongside annual results around 8 February.

The broad-brush strategy outline did not include any information on investment strategy.

The three-pronged 2024 strategy comes after a 2023 strategy from the ATP board which had six strategic focus areas – strong customer and stakeholder focus; responsibility; governance and risk management; long-term sustainable business model; balanced cost efficiency, and an attractive place to work.

These six focus areas were stated in the 2022 annual report as ensuring that ATP created value in terms of welfare, sustainability and digitalisation.

One of the first changes Præstegaard made to ATP’s management structure when he became CEO in mid-2022 was to promote the role of IT cchief to management-team level, hiring Bulut in the newly-created position of CITO.

Præstegaard said at the time that Bulut would play a decisive role in “ensuring synergies and competences across the group, and that ATP continues to be far ahead with technology development”.

Last week, ATP announced it had awarded a large IT contract to SAP, which would involve the German software group taking over some tasks from its longstanding supplier KMD.

The agreement covers the continued migration of ATP’s IT to cloud-based services.

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