The SFr28bn (E18 bn) Swiss Federal Pension Fund PUBLICA has named Werner Hertzog as director. He is currently head of collective insurance at the National Swiss Federation of Insurance, succeeds Peter Dueggeli.
The new director, who was president of the Regional Pension Funds of Basel between 1997 and 2002, would bring “know-how, experience and knowledge in the fields of finance, real estate management and strategic business management and, not least, people management,” PUBLICA says.
Dueggeli, director of the pension fund since October 2000, is to take a post in “another capacity” says Josef Durrer, president of the fund commission. It has not been decided when Hertzog would join. Dueggeli will step down on June 30 as he intends to take on a new career challenge.
PUBLICA, the fund for Swiss government employees, changed its name from PKB - Pensionskasses des Bundes - in July 2003.