EUROPE - Two new pension associations have joined the European Federation for Retirement Provision (EFRP), the organisation has announced.

The Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI) has joined the European lobbying group as a full member. The Croatian Association of Pension Fund Management Companies and Pension Insurance Companies also joins. Until now it has held observer status.

ALFI, which works closely with the Luxembourg Pension Fund Association, promotes the country as a domicile for schemes.

The decision, reached at the ERRP's general assembly last year, coincides with the election of Charles Muller, current deputy director general of ALFI, to EFRP's board of directors.

Patrick Burke, who last year was elected chairman of ERFP, said he was very satisfied with the developments, as it demonstrated that membership in the organisation was desirable for attractive for all kinds of workplace pension providers in Europe.

He added: "The new membership strengthens our position as the leading voice on workplace pension provision."

Burke succeeded Angel Martinez-Aldama, now the group's second vice-chairman, alongside first vice-chairman Christian Bohn.

Last December, EFRP general secretary Chris Verhaegen received IPE's 2010 Award for outstanding industry contribution, as chosen in a poll by IPE's readers.