NETHERLANDS/US- Dutch asset manager Robeco, part of the Rabobank Group, has acquired a 60% participating interest in Boston Partners Asset Management, adding the final piece in Robeco’s establishment of new company Robeco USA. Robeco USA will manage approximately e30bn in assets – 30% of Robeco’s total assets under management.

Plans to expand into the US institutional market began two years ago with the acquisition of US asset manager Weiss, Peck and Greer (WPG), followed by the acquisition of Sage Capital Management earlier this year.

With a stake in Boston Partners now joining the list, Robeco offers a full range of products for the US institutional market. WPG specializes in growth equities, fixed-income instruments, private equity, venture capital and hedge funds; Sage in funds of hedge funds and Boston Partners in value equities and fixed-income instruments.

Nassos Michas, CEO of WPG, will be appointed CEO of Robeco USA, and Mike Jones of Boston Partners will head the integrated sales activities. Each of the three acquired companies will remain responsible for its current investments and clients to ensure a continuity of services. The companies’ institutional sales activities and customer relationship management will be integrated over the coming months.

Boston Partners has $9bn in assets under management, of which 85% is invested in equities and 15% in fixed income. Robeco Asset management in Rotterdam will also be working with Boston Partners on a global value equity product for the European market. Robeco Alternative Investments in Rotterdam will be cooperating with Sage Partners in selecting managers for Robeco’s global fund of hedge funds.

Robeco also acquired Transtrend, a hedge fund manager and futures trading company, earlier this year.