The Swedish Fund Selection Agency (Fondtorgsnämnden, FTN) has appointed Inalytics as a supplier of decision analytics, saying the system is already being used for its first procurement.

FTN, the government authority set up in 2022 to procure, monitor and quality-ensure the funds in the reformed first-pillar Swedish premium pension system, said last week that the provider of behavioural analysis would be one of several tools used during its upcoming procurements for the funds platform.

The agency said on networking site LinkedIn: “The analysis provided by Inalytics to the Swedish Fund Selection Agency will make up an important contribution in the overall process of evaluating equity managers.

“The decision to appoint Inalytics has been taken and the analysis is in place for the first procurement by the Swedish Fund Selection Agency,” it said.

FTN, which is to procure funds around €100bn of funds, said Inalytics has been the market leader in using data to identify, measure and benchmark investment skill since 1999.

“Constant leadership in the development of innovative numerical techniques to capture investment skill through decision analytics and attribution continues to be the hallmark of the company,” said the Swedish authority, which launched its first tender – for actively-managed European equity funds – last July.

It said Inalytics’ DECSIS methodology was central to work with funds during mandate searches for asset owners and ongoing mandate monitoring.

Inalytics announced the launch of DECSIS in the summer of 2022, saying its data-based framework not only analysed the specific skills that drove returns, but also quantified their precise contribution to overall performance.

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