The Swedish Fund Selection Agency (Fondtorgsnämnden, FTN) has announced that its next procurement – following the one to be launched at the end of February – will be for two types of Nordic equity funds.

In an announcement yesterday afternoon, the agency said: “The next two categories to be announced are actively-managed Nordic equity funds mid/large-cap and actively-managed Nordic equity funds small-cap.”

The news firms up the order in which would-be bidders can expect tenders to come from the FTN, whose role is to provide investment options in Sweden’s reformed first-pillar defined contribution premium pension system.

So far, the authority had only said that Nordic equities would be one of the four categories planned for the rest of 2024. However, it has still not given any indication of the date for the Nordic tenders.

The agency said yesterday it had decided to divide the current Nordic equity funds category on the premium pension platform into two for the reformed platform.

There are currently 17 Nordic equity funds being offered to Swedish premium pension savers on the existing platform, with total assets under management of around SEK22bn (€2bn), according to the FTN, though it said there was no guarantee the new procured volume would be this high.

As already announced, the FTN is due to launch tenders for global and European index funds at the end of February.

After the Nordic tender, the remaining three procurements for this year are to be global bonds; actively-managed Swedish equities, and Swedish equities, index, though the order has yet to be disclosed.

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