Nikolaus Schmidt-Narischkin

  • Country Report

    Germany: Two anniversaries and a critique

    April 2012 (Magazine)

    Mercer’s November 2011 summary of German corporate pension provision notes that “….supplementary pension plans… typically either adopt a book reserving approach, with or without segregated assets, or an insured pensions approach”. That’s diplomatic language for “not widespread with too little funding”, a situation that contributes to Germany ranking eleventh out ...

  • Is fiduciary management defunct?

    Is fiduciary management defunct?


    Concept a ‘shaky brand’, but still has value, says DB Advisors’ Nikolaus Schmidt-Narischkin.

  • Country Report

    Germany: Pensions at a time of rising PSV contribution rates

    April 2010 (Magazine)

    Nikolaus Schmidt-Narischkin assesses the problems arising from increasing corporatecontributions to Germany’s PSV pension guarantee system