EUROPE - Entries are now being accepted for IPE’s 10th Annual IPE Pension Fund Awards later this year.

The awards, which will take place 7 December in Monaco, are attended by hundreds of executives from across Europe.

Last year’s awards in Dublin saw Danish pension fund ATP named Best Pension Fund in Europe and sweep the board with another six wins.

The 2009 ceremony also saw Oslo Pensjonsforsikring AS and Vital Forsikring ASA jointly win Best Pension Funds in Norway, while the supplementary pension fund ERAFP won the top prize for France, as well as the award for Best Use of ESG/Corporate Governance.

A full list of last year’s winners can be found here.

Please register to submit your nominations for this year, the last section of the registration page is where you make your nominations.

Currently, nominations are being accepted for Best Investment Consultant and Outstanding Industry Contribution. You will shortly be able to also nominate the best pension fund in your country - more news on this process will be coming soon.