UK - The £1.1bn Northamptonshire County Council pension fund is looking for one or more managers for a new £200m overseas equity portoflio.

"The £200m will come from within the fund," a spokeswoman for the fund told IPE today.

She added: "The pensions committee reviewed fund manager appointments and decided to invite overseas equities managers to tender."

The size of the lots is not yet known, though the mandate may be divided as "one or more managers could be selected", the spokeswoman said.

Companies wishing to tender can send requests to participate to the council until October 15.

The fund is being advised by Mercer Invesmtnet Consulting.

The scheme already appointed Partners Group and Fauchier Partners as hedge fund managers, in June and for its first foray into that asset class, Northamptonshire allocated £56m to a fund of hedge funds mandate which both London-based managers will share equally.