IRELAND - The Pensions Board is seeking to expand its information team with the appointment of a new assistant head of information.

Responsibilities associated with the senior post are expected to include assisting with the development and implementation of a "pro-active information strategy" and developing and managing the Board's website.

The organisation is responsible for regulating Irish occupational schemes and personal retirement savings accounts, in addition to advising the Minister for Social and Family Affairs on pension matters in general.

As a result, the role is a weighty one and candidates will be expected to provide information on both the provisions of the Pensions Act and general pension matters, to employers, members, trustees and the general public if successful.

Moreover, part of the role will include encouraging  pension funds and employers to provide training for trustees - perhaps through the implementation of an e-learning training tool - as well developing strategies to ensure trustees and administrators understand their legal duties under the Pensions Act.

So the Board noted applicants should have significant pension knowledge and a "thorough understanding" of the issues facing pension schemes on both a national and international level.

Full details of the post and remuneration package are available from the Pensions Board website.

The Pension Board's head of compliance Mary Hutch was previously head of information and training at the body, and David Malone is now head of information services.

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