UK - Philippe Investment Management has hired former Merrill Lynch Investment Management European specialist equity chief Consuelo Brooke, with Brooke taking a 5% stake in the company.

Brooke, who headed up the European specialist equity team at Merrill until 2001, has joined Philippe as a director and member of its investment committee.

Brooke has set up a new London-based firm C Brooke Investment Partners, which will advise Philippe on European small and mid-cap funds and manage a new fund called Philippe European Opportunities fund.

Philippe, which currently has 326 million dollars (323 million euros) under management, said Brooke has taken a 5% stake in the company, though it declined to say how much the stake is worth.

“She has already integrated the investment committee of PIM, is advising on PIM European small and mid cap strategy, and will effectively start managing assets as soon as the Philippe European Opportunities Fund starts on December 2,” said Bertrand Levavasseur, Philippe’s marketing director in Europe.