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    Diary of an Investor: What’s up with research costs?

    June 2018 (magazine)

    In fixed income, no-one has ever really known how the research impacts on investment costs

  • diary of an investor pieter mullen

    Diary Of An Investor: Paradise lost

    January 2018 (magazine)

    As our co-investment partners PensionKøbenhavn found recently, unexpected risks can turn round and bite you

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    Diary of an Investor: A weak link

    November 2017 (Magazine)

    As an investment professional I am used to traditional risk categories like equities, interest rates, inflation and the like. Now it seems we will have to add information security risk to that list

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    Diary of an Investor: Who bears the cost?

    October 2017 (Magazine)

    Sometimes I look back fondly on the simpler good old days. 

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    Diary of an Investor: The price of everything

    September 2017 (Magazine)

    We Dutch are well known for keeping an eye on the price of things and for our frugal approach to life. Increasingly, this applies to pension funds

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    Diary of an Investor: Looking the part

    May 2017 (Magazine)

    We at Wasserdicht Pension Funds have been using BIG Asset Management for what seems like an eternity. I have learned two things about BIG over the years

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    Diary of an Investor: Reading the coffee grains

    April 2017 (Magazine)

    Can you guess the topic of discussion of the latest Wasserdicht global investment committee? You probably can: it was political risk

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    Diary of an Investor: An independent soul

    March 2017 (Magazine)

    Rolf, our chairman of trustees is having a reception to mark his 30 years working for Wasserdicht. An engineer by profession, he was worked for us all over the world and has many stories to tell

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    Diary of an Investor: Political perils

    February 2017 (Magazine)

    Last month I met with my old friend Thijs, who is CIO of a large UK corporate pension scheme, working in a small investment office in the UK with an enlightened CEO

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    Diary of an Investor: Too much information

    January 2017 (Magazine)

    Our investment committee members had quite a few questions at the final meeting of 2016. Brexit, Trump, the equities rally, long-bond yields, emerging markets: the trustees kept the topics coming thick and fast

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    Diary of an Investor: At the high table

    October 2016 (Magazine)

    Recently, I was invited to join a network of financial academics as a ‘practice adviser’, which means I speak to them regularly about the challenges our pension fund faces and what we are doing in the investment portfolio.

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    Diary of an Investor: Project Waffle

    September 2016 (Magazine)

    For some months now, the powers that be here at Wasserdicht headquarters have been looking at moving our Dutch pension fund over the border to Belgium

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    Diary of an Investor: Stretch and flex with credit

    May 2016 (Magazine)

    Years ago, people used to claim that the equity-risk premium was the most important metric in a pension fund’s long-term investment plans 

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    Diary of an Investor: Muddy boots on

    April 2016 (Magazine)

    We pension funds at least have the luxury of not being stuck behind our screens all the time, trading or monitoring our portfolio

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    Diary of an Investor: Can you see the bigger picture?

    March 2016 (Magazine)

    There are some things we in the investment office of Wasserdicht Pension Funds don’t want to get involved in and one of them is internal group politics. For that we have our trustee board, which is responsible for making the decisions in any case, and our formidable chairman of trustees, Rolf.

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    Diary of an Investor: In the wrong clothes

    February 2016 (Magazine)

    It has not been a great start to the year at Wasserdicht’s Dutch pension fund. Volatile markets have been worrying our trustees and our coverage ratio has dropped, just like at most Dutch pension funds. 

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    Diary of an Investor: Patience is a virtue

    September 2015 (Magazine)

    Once our half-yearly reports are out of the way, the summer months are usually a good opportunity to look through our portfolio holdings and to read up on the trends and forecasts that some of the industry’s foremost commentators are making

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    Diary of an Investor Praise indeed

    December 2014 (Magazine)

    My wife Jeanette is from France and it has been a great pleasure over the years to discover that country through her eyes and to get to know her family. This year, at the start of the autumn holidays, we drive down to Lyon with the children to stay with Jeanette’s sister Marie and her husband Jean-Baptiste.

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    Diary of an Investor: Generation games

    November 2014 (Magazine)

    Now that my children are getting older they ask me more about what I do for a living and the questions are getting a bit more demanding. My eldest, especially, is at an age when questions come thick and fast. 

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    Diary of an Investor: A happy median

    October 2014 (Magazine)

    A couple of weeks ago, my old friend Pim came over to the Wasserdicht offices in Utrecht to tell me about his new proposition. I’ve known Pim for many years and he has pitched to me many times, although each pitch has been from a different company.

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