PKA, the DKK250m (€33.6m) Danish labour-market pensions provider, has hired a sales expert from the country’s largest commercial pension fund, PFA, to lead the new drive to win customers both individually and within corporate contracts it announced last week.

Søren Bang Palfelt, who has been responsible at PFA for sales and advice to companies, organisations and pension funds, will start his new job at PKA on 1 December.

Tomas Frydenberg, executive director in charge of membership matters, said: “PKA is open for everyone in the social and healthcare sector, and, for many years, we have delivered some of the market’s best returns and lowest costs.”

PKA had a clear ambition to provide pension products that matched all needs, he said, adding that it was better that PKA did this rather than one of its competitors because it had many years of experience with precisely this sector of the labour market.

“I am quite sure Søren is the right man for PKA to do this task,” Frydenberg said.

Bang Palfelt has been head of PFF & organisations at PFA since 2014 and was previously head of clients, specifically in charge of sales and advice to companies, organisations and pension funds, according to his profile on networking site LinkedIn.

PFA confirmed his most recent role, but a spokesman said the firm had no other comments on Bang Palfelt’s move.

PFF is the pension fund resulting from the merger several years ago of the labour-market pension schemes FunktionærPension and Dansk Erhverv Pension, which covers clerical workers and is run by PFA.

PKA, which runs three labour-market pension funds in the social and healthcare sectors, has said that, with its new, more flexible pension product PKA Private, it wanted to attract private employees, the self-employed and corporate pension schemes.

Its first aim is to win as customers the 10,000 private employees and self-employed people who are members of the trade unions behind PKA’s pension funds.

But it says it is also ready for other companies, pension schemes, institutions and non-governmental organisations concerned with the social and healthcare sector.