Impact Investing Market Statistics: Trends and snapshots

The trends – market growth

Data collected from 62 investors that completed the GIIN’s annual impact investor survey in each of the years 2014-2016, covering 2013-2015 

aum 2013 15

public equity soars aum by instrument

The snapshots – 2016

Data collected from 208 investors that completed the GIIN’s Annual Impact Investor Survey for 2017. This is a preview: the full report will be available on from 15 May.

Total impact investing assets under management: $113.7bn (€107.2bn).

The bulk of respondents were fund managers including not-for-profit (140), followed by foundations (23), other (19), banks/diversified financial institutions (8), development finance institutions (7), pension fund/insurers (6), and family offices (5). Other includes non-governmental organisations, community development finance organisations and other hybrid organisations.

aum by instrument

relative assets under management by sector

top five asset classes and investor types

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