Simon Martin

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    Getting into position

    March 2007 (Magazine)

    Flexibility is a key benefit of real estate securities and alpha is available, but beware the alternative market, Simon Martin reports

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    Breathing life into Europe

    February 2007 (Magazine)

    In the US, senior housing is a large sophisticated sector of the economy with significant potential for real estate investors. But can the model work in Europe? Simon Martin investigates

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    Levelling the playing field

    July 2002 (Magazine)

    One of the greatest challenges for real estate investment managers operating internationally is ‘levelling the playing field’. Every market has its own customs and traditions that turn the business of making real estate investments into a complex process. As a result, most skilled international real estate investment managers come equipped ...

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    Why core plus strategies win

    October 2001 (Magazine)

    Over the past 20 years, as real estate has come to be an accepted part of a diversified institutional investment portfolio, strategies for investment in real estate have expanded across the entire risk/return spectrum. Investment options now range from low risk/low volatility strategies, some of which offer almost bond-type characteristics, ...