Sponsored Commentary from Edmond De Rothschild

The Edmond de Rothschild Group, whose roots date back 250 years, is committed to supporting the major changes that shape our society, with the conviction that investment must be built over time and have an impact on the real economy. Our independence gives us the freedom to express our convictions, reflected in our voting policy and our leading engagement approach. 

Our approach is focused on the long term: we believe that by freeing ourselves from the immediacy of the financial markets we can come up with long-term investment solutions that combine financial, social and environmental performance.


At Edmond de Rothschild, responsible investment is in the DNA of our management: independent, active, fundamental, and conviction-driven. A guarantee of better management of risks, but also value-creating over the long term, this expertise reflects the values of the Rothschild family.  

Our approach consists of offering performance of investments in both liquid and illiquid assets, while supporting the growth of virtuous companies. This approach is validated by the trust of leading institutional clients.

A strong capacity for innovation
In a rather counter-intuitive way, capacity for innovation is built over time, fostered through experience, expertise and sharp attention to the transforming trends in the area of Responsible Investment. On this basis, from the outset we chose for our liquid investment activities the “Best-in-universe” approach, which for a long time was used by just a small minority. Over more than 10 years we have developed an in-house ESG analysis model, called EdR BUILD (Bold, Universal, Impact, Long term, Differentiation), through which the Responsible Investment team can express its extra-financial convictions independently. 

ESG integration into all our investment management
ESG considerations are integrated into investment processes across all asset classes including Equities, Fixed Income, Multi-Asset and geographical areas, with the aim of reducing “extra financial” risks and seizing opportunities for sustainable performance. Our 3 Private Markets businesses have not only adopted ESG factors into their process but importantly their projects are having a direct impact on positive societal change.    

“Regardless of the type of investment, we believe that there can be no responsible investment without financial returns. Our requirements are demanding, combining financial, social and environmental performance.” Jean-Philippe Desmartin

An actor for change

What’s different about us
As a firm we strongly believe that finance should fuel the real economy and contribute to building the world of tomorrow.

• 250 years of the Rothschild’s family experience in managing client’s money the right way
• 85% of open funds are now SFDR article 8 & 9
• Our RI team has over 50 years total experience working in the sector 
• We have developed our own in-house ESG ratings system, called BUILD, in 2011

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