15 June 2021, Virtual event


This event is aimed at UK and Multi-National pension funds under UK jurisdiction as they try to navigate the post-Covid investment landscape and to assess opportunities and challenges post-pandemic. We expect to examine macro-economic and political impacts such as monetary policy, Brexit and developments in ESG/climate change, as well as the outlook for various asset classes and strategies. These could include thematic investments and real assets as well as geographic & regional investments such as China. We will also consider asset allocation and techniques/tools available to help investors best manage their cashflow and risk management, e.g., CDI, liquid/illiquid investments, dynamic risk management, etc. During the conference, we plan to give delegates the opportunity to join fund-type and/or asset class breakout workshop-groups to enable them to discuss specific concerns/ challenges with appropriate experts and peers – for example: DB, DC, Multinational and/or Equity and Bond investor groups.

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