BELGIUM - Jean-Francois Schock has left his role as managing director for Europe at State Street Global Advisers and opened a consultancy practice in Brussels to work on the development of new investment products.

Schock, who was senior managing director for strategic growth EMEA at SSGA until recently, had been with the firm for over 24 years but had become a public figure of the organisation, most notably speaking at the IPE Awards held in Vienna last November. (See earlier IPE story: IPE Awards: 130/30 craze is ‘overplayed')

Under the umbrella of his new firm, Jeffix Concept, Schock is hoping to expand on his development work in the alternative investments space - focused mainly on private equity and real estate - as well as engage with corporate boards as a non-executive director.

At the same time, he is hoping to continue the work he has recently delivered for the US agency Financial Services Voluntary Corps, to improve best practice in financial services.

The FSVC was developed in the 1990s at the collapse of the Berlin Wall, to help ex-Soviet countries rebuild and reinvent their financial regimes to incorporate capitalist practices.

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