AMF, the Swedish pensions provider, has announced asset returns of 9.3% over the course of 2013, achieved on the back of rising stock markers in Sweden and across Europe.

The largest owner of Sweden’s national stock exchange said its 2013 result, which put its 10-year average at 7.4%, showed good and long-term stable returns, essential for its members.

AMF’s 2013 performance was marginally below last year’s at 8%, as it saw its solvency ratio rise from 190% to 219%.

The insurer also saw premiums for its traditional insurance products rise by 3.2% compared with 2012, as revenue hit SEK17.7bn (€2bn).

Funds under management at the pension provider hit SEK86bn, up SEK4bn from 2012, as 10 of the 12 funds outperformed their respective indices.

Johan Sidenmark, chief executive at the Swedish provider, said he classed the average 10-year return of 7.4% as more significant than the 2013 performance.

He said it showed a return to stock market rises and that things were recovering from the 2008 financial crises.

The fund’s vice-president and investment officer Peder Hasslev said the returns came on the back of rising stock prices, which was impressive given the overall economic environment.

He said a lot of the stable growth in equities was due to euro-zone crises being consigned to the past, and central banks improving liquidity in the markets.

Hasslev added that an improvement in the world economy was a prerequisite for 2014, and for savers within the fund to further grow their savings.