SWEDEN - Stefan Engström is to chair the inquiry into the Swedish premium pension system.

Engström worked in the pensions industry for more than a decade, with advisory assignments with the Swedish department of finance, the AP funds and the Swedish National Audit Office, among others.

Pensionsgruppen, a five-party working group on pensions, appointed Engström to review and analyse the spread of the returns over time in the system, how the premium pension system contributes to the general public pension system and make recommendations on how to improve the system.

One of the questions since the system was launched has been the number of funds, which now stand at more than 800.

However, the inquiry is not specifically looking to reduce that number. 

The inquiry is expected to be finalised on 30 April 2013.

In other news, Swedish investors invested some SEK2.5bn (€290m) in bond funds in August and added SEK13.5bn in total into bond funds since the beginning of the year.

According to statistics from the Swedish Investment Fund Association, equity and balanced funds also saw inflows of SEK4.5bn each since the beginning of the year, with money market funds seeing outflows of SEK4.9bn and hedge funds of SEK4.4bn.

In total, the Swedish fund market saw inflows of SEK13bn for the eight months to the end of August.

Approximately SEK1trn, or 52% of all assets, is invested in equity funds.