SWITZERLAND - Tages-Anzeiger, one of Switzerland's largest daily newspapers, has been sued for revealing details from a confidential report on an alleged corruption scandal at the canton of Zurich's pension fund (BVK).

In early October, the canton's regional government filed charges against former BVK head of asset management Daniel Gloor, as well as a number of other people involved in the alleged corruption affair.

The parliamentary commission set up to investigate the charges awarded PPCmetrics a mandate to compile a report assessing the BVK's asset management decisions.

The Tages-Anzeiger story claimed that, according to the secret report, Gloor had not been the only person to breach due diligence obligations - that others, including regional finance minister Ursula Gut-Winterberger, had also been in breach.

In a statement, Gut-Winterberger denied all claims levelled by the Tages-Anzeiger, emphasising that it was she who had filed the lawsuit when hearing about Gloor's alleged transgressions.

The parliamentary commission said the newspaper had misinterpreted the findings and that the story was "not consistent with [its] findings so far".

It has filed a lawsuit against the newspaper for breach of confidentiality and publishing secret documents.

The commission pointed out that the publication of these findings had hindered its work, as it still has to interview all the people named in the report.

These interviews are scheduled over the next month, after which a report will be made available to all parties involved.

The parliamentary commission expects to file a report with the Swiss government in the second quarter of next year.

After a consultation phase, the final report should be available in the third quarter.