UK – Threadneedle Pensions, part of Zurich Scudder Investments, has launched a new web site for defined contribution (DC) pension scheme members that includes a ‘pension projection calculator’ allowing members to project forward the kind of benefit they may receive in retirement.

Nick Adams, DC product manager at Zurich Scudder Investments, says that the site, which has largely been developed in-house, can be easily adapted to suit the needs of the group’s clients:
“ We expect to work with them to provide information directly relevant to their members and deliver more than just another brochure on-line.”

The site is designed to answer key questions from pension plan members, and according to the asset manager, these consist mainly of queries on how much the pension is worth and how to choose an investment fund.
Threadneedle says it is also aiming to give regular pension updates in language the members understand.

Emma Douglas, co-head of DC pensions at Zurich Scudder Investments, comments: “You need to do more than just present people with a series of numbers. The calculator allows people to see the effect of paying more or retiring later, giving a visual representation of the improvements they might expect.
“ The message behind all our communications material is a positive one, about getting people to think about investing for a sunny day – not saving for a rainy day.”