Ulf Lindahl

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    Mitigating cross-border concerns

    March 2007 (Magazine)

    In the decade since the first issue of IPE, investors have become keenly aware that the currency risk attached to their investment allocations has a substantial and continuous impact on their returns.

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    Plus ça change

    January 2006 (Magazine)

    The euro’s birth was a monumental event in monetary world history. On 1 January 1999 the euro replaced 10 national currencies that had been used for decades, or centuries, to make domestic and international transactions. The euro also eliminated the ability of central banks in the participating countries to use ...

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    Cashflow measure of overlays

    September 2004 (Magazine)

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    When overlays add value

    September 2003 (Magazine)

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    Why overlays are 'must haves' for funds

    September 2002 (Magazine)

    Currency overlay is a ‘must have’ for plan sponsors with cross border investments and processes that control risks. Currency risk has become important in today’s average pension portfolio and is increasing in importance. InterSec Research Corp., a consultant, projects pension funds globally will have one out of five dollars invested ...

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    'A guide to currency overlay management'

    May 2002 (Magazine)

    Deutsche Bank Global Markets Research has published a 70-page report titled ‘A Guide to Currency Overlay Management’. The report concludes that “investors and plan sponsors should consider increasing their focus on both the risk of, and the potential returns from FX” since “historical performance data suggest that active management of ...

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    Fees - a bone of contention?

    September 2001 (Magazine)

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    An idea whose time has come

    February 2001 (Magazine)

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    Reality versus theory

    September 1999 (Magazine)