Vadim Loginov

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    Attention turns to low returns

    December 2006 (Magazine)

    Kazakhstan was the first country of the former USSR to implement a pension reform. A funded pension pillar has been working there since 1998. It operates in parallel with the pay-as-you-go system inherited from Soviet times. Along with mandatory pension contributions there are also voluntary and voluntary/occupational contributions.

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    Russian pension reform: reloaded

    November 2006 (Magazine)

    Why ‘fallen banner’ of pension reform looks like being carried forward.Alexander Kupriyanov and Vadim Loginov report

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    Russia gets taste of market

    July 2006 (Magazine)

    Non-state (private) pension funds (NSPFs) consider September 1992 the birth date of the pension industry in Russia. At that time President Yeltsin signed a decree making it possible to set up the first funds.

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    Getting ready for dramatic growth

    June 2006 (Magazine)

    The asset management industry in Russia is comparatively young and does not have a long history. The first civilised forms of regulating this market date back to 1995 when there appeared the Federal Commission for Securities Market (FCSM), licensing of asset management activities, and the first specialised money management companies. ...

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    Russian pension reform goes on

    July 2002 (Magazine)

    As the main achievement, the new three-pillar system incorporating the mandatory funded pillar was launched in 1 January 2002. Now 2% out of 28% of pension contributions calculated from the payroll are used for investment purposes. In 2002, all contributions to the funded system go to the public Pension Fund ...

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    Russian reform gathers speed

    January 2002 (Magazine)

    One could hardly have imagined that such a complex issue as reform of the pension system, which has been discussed in Russia since 1995 and failed to be launched three times, would proceed at such an incredible pace in 2001, with practical operation of the new system expected already in ...