NETHERLANDS- From next year, Dutch industry wide funds will be asked by the VB to supply details of their contribution levels, the indexation policy of their benefits and the extent of any surplus or deficit.

Figures will be published next March or April along with Z scores and the performance figures produced in conjunction with the WM Company.

During lean times, Dutch funds are able to tweak contributions and benefits to offset falling markets. A spokeswoman at the VB says it has received an increasing number of enquiries about levels of contributions and the indexation of benefits.

“We found that we did not have an immediate answer to these inquiries,” says the spokeswoman. Nine out of ten industry wide funds index link their benefits. This can be in numerous forms including tacking payments either to prices or to salary. “What we will do is give details of past and future levels of indexation,” she says.

The decision also coincides with a number of Dutch pension funds announcing increases in contribution levels. The VB stresses that contribution levels in the Netherlands remain low. During bear markets, the rates are often increased. One VB members, for example, has raised contribution levels 20% this year, although they were originally only 7%.

Disclosing the figures is not compulsory for the association’s 82 members.