UK - Stuart Imeson, head of pensions and investment at the £6bn (€6.9bn) West Yorkshire Pension Fund, is planning to retire later this year so officials have begun a search for his replacement.

Imeson informed officials two years ago that he planned to retire in 2009, so the pension fund is now advertising on its website and in the UK national media for a Director of West Yorkshire Pension Fund.

Councillor Ian Greenwood, chairman of the W.Yorks Pension Fund Trustees, said Imeson's departure would be a loss to the pension fund but confirmed Imeson will leave in the autumn after a transition period.

The pension fund's website contains welcome messages to potential candidates from Greenwood, on behalf of the trustees, and from the local council's chief executive, Tony Reeve, and parties state within their explanation of the role that the new director will be taking on a high-profile position so they are looking for someone who is "comfortable in actively promoting [the pension fund] at a national level".

Further information on the role explains the successful candidate will be responsible for all aspects of the supervision and control of the pension fund, as well as the Police & Firemen's Pension schemes in relation to the West Yorkshire operations.

It also explains the role will require the director to lead "the effective in-house management of the Fund (both pensions and investments)" which has 150 staff and deliver "a high-quality service to all customers".

An eight-page job description is supplied alongside the application form, along with information confirming the scheme's asset allocation is currently diversified as 60% equities, 20% bonds, 15% alternatives and 5% in cash.

Imeson and the pension fund have won several awards over the years, according to Greenwood, in their management of the fund on behalf of 214,000 members.

Elsewhere today, the West Midlands Pension Fund revealed it is looking to recruit an investment manager to work on its in-house quoted equities desk.