SWEDEN - Aon Consulting has bought Swedish pension management firm Förmånsoptimering for an undisclosed sum.

The move comes as Aon revealed it has hired 12 new consultants in the country.

"Growth is very important for us. We want to achieve a critical size to be the leading player in the market," Mats Langensjö, managing director of Aon Consulting Sweden told IPE.

When Aon entered the Swedish market in 2004 it said it wanted to become market leader by 2007. "We are close to this goal. There are a few more steps to take but we are on track," Langensjö said.
Aon's new team will focus on new developments in Swedish companies which see more interest in communication, global benefit and group management due to more centralised organisation.
"This is a new area where there is room for rethinking and room to change. For a new player such as we are I think it is important to focus on what is new and not just add on to be another provider which already exists in the market," Langensjö added.
Aon hopes to see the 12 new consultants, which are "market experts", attracting attention and new clients. Acquiring these people for Aon contributed to the 20% deficit Aon Consulting reported earlier this month when net income fell to $23m (€ 17.8m) from $29m last year.