NETHERLANDS – Some of the biggest names in the Dutch pensions industry are backing a new pensions quarterly called Pensioen Bestuur & Management, or Pension Administration & Management.

The periodical is the brainchild of pension consultant Carel Petersen. “There is a lot to know,” Petersen said, referring to the current financial situation, regulatory changes and new accounting standards.

The magazine’s 12-strong advisory board would be chaired by John Neervens, chairman of the board at Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP.

Advisory board members include senior figures at Achmea, Metalektro, Mn Services, Medisch Specialisten, SFB Holding, Ahold, Pensioenfonds Volker Wessels and Interpolis Pensioenen.

Also on the advisory board are PGGM’s Frans Prins, former Schootse Poort chief Dick Snijders and Jeroen Steenvoorden of the Corporate Pension Funds Association, the Stichting voor Ondernemingspensioenfondsen, or OPF. The advisory board will meet twice a year.

There is also a 13-strong editorial board headed by Petersen as chief editor. Other members include PGGM’s Alfred Kool and Frans Prins, the OPF’s Steenvoorden, ABP’s J.B. Kuné, K.H W. Knot of the Pensioen- & Verzekeringskamer regulator and R. Kuip of the Dutch Association of Industry-wide Pension Funds, the Vereniging van Bedrijfstakpensioenfondsen, or VB.

J. Koster will be editor-in-chief/editorial co-ordinator.

Other organisations represented on the editorial board include: Bull Nederland, Medisch Specialisten, Horeca en Catering, Atos Origin and Achmea.

Petersen said the first issue of the new periodical would be released in mid-December, with the focus for that issue being communication and governance. Subscription costs 140 euros a year.

“The periodical will be published on a quarterly basis and supply a growing need for specific and practical information on the administration and management of pension funds and pension administrators.”

Pensioen Bestuur & Management will cover premium and finance policy, investments, pension policy, communication, controlling, outsourcing, IT and compiling statements.

It is aimed primarily at board members and managers of pension funds and pension administrators, members of participant and advisory committees, social partners, consultancy firms, pension education, financial directors and HR managers.