DENMARK - A new research centre has been set up within the Law Faculty of Copenhagen University to boost knowledge about the pensions system in Denmark.

The Danish Insurance Association (Forsikring & Pension) said the centre had been established because of the ever greater role the pension system played within the country's welfare system.

Research at the centre will kick off with work around Danish labour market pension funds, it said.

Professor Mads Bryde Andersen, who will head up the new centre, plans to publish a book on labour market pensions during the spring, working with Professor Jens Kristiansen, the association said.

"In the last 20 to 30 years, private pension schemes have become an increasingly central part of our society, both for the individual Dane's economic security in old age and for the long-term economic stability of our welfare society," said Carsten Andersen, deputy director of the association.

Subjects to be covered by the centre include:

Life and Pensions insurance schemes Special statutory schemes (ATP, SP and LD) Commercial schemes Corporate pension schemes

On its website, the Centre for Pension Law described the organisation of the pensions system in Denmark as one of the most pressing questions within the welfare society.

"The rules governing individual pension schemes are complicated," it said, "and in spite of the sums involved, a number of fundamental problems - including some relating to contract law -- have not been clarified."

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