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    Keyed into technology

    December 2005 (Magazine)

    Although pension regimes can differ significantly from country across Europe, pension funds share a belief that technology is critical to successfully meeting the challenges that face them today. A common theme across the region is change – new regulations, new behaviour in markets where assets are invested, new competition, and ...

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    Tailoring messages to members

    November 2005 (Magazine)

    Like many aspects of modern life, pensions are becoming less standardised and more complex, with individuals facing more choice and demanding more information tailored to their needs. As pension funds try to meet the requirements of their members, communication is becoming an increasingly important part of the service they provide. ...

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    Approach to IT still uneven

    October 2005 (Magazine)

    Performance and risk are growing concerns at Austrian pension funds and to better measure and manage these factors, the funds are implementing a range of third-party and in-house developed applications. Some funds are using spreadsheets or programming applications from scratch, while others are making use of the performance and risk ...

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    New attitude prevailing

    September 2005 (Magazine)

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    Rising to the challenge

    July 2005 (Magazine)

    With a relatively young population, higher retirement age and regulations that offer little incentive for early retirement, Iceland faces fewer problems due to ageing than most European countries. However, local pension funds still face many challenges. There is a rising number of disability claims, fund managers must meet targets in ...

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    Pioneers can pay a price

    June 2005 (Magazine)

    Sweden is known for its pioneering approach to pension provision. It introduced member choice of investment in its state Premium Pension defined contribution pension scheme, and make asset and liability modelling obligatory for its Allmänna Pensionsfonden (AP), the funds that back the government’s pay-as-you-go scheme. Such innovations depend upon modern ...

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    Waiting to take over

    May 2005 (Magazine)

    Finland’s biggest pension funds are using modern and sophisticated systems for tasks such as handling new complex investment instruments, risk analysis and the straight through processing of trades. The integration of systems for efficient cost-effective operations appears to be a common goal. However, there are some funds that take a ...

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    Animal welfare on agenda

    May 2005 (Magazine)

    New scientific research is beginning to confirm consumers’ instincts that farm animals have feelings, and that their welfare and humane treatment not only ensures higher quality food but is worth paying a premium for on moral grounds. While sales of free range eggs and other pro-animal welfare products are on ...

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    Aiming to go paperless

    April 2005 (Magazine)

    Swiss pension funds see technology primarily as a way of improving the efficiency of their business. Document imaging systems are enabling some funds to become paperless operations, while others are installing systems that will improve automation, lower the costs of investing and provide quicker, more accurate and comprehensive information. For ...

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    Technology's pivotal role

    February 2005 (Magazine)

    German pension funds face a range of challenges depending on the organisations and members they serve, and the pressures upon them to adjust to the current market environment. Technology plays a key role in enabling them to operate more efficiently, manage their investments with greater sophistication and meet members needs. ...

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    Making systems more open

    January 2005 (Magazine)

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    Going beyond performance

    December 2004 (Magazine)

    Difficult markets and lower returns have caused pension funds to look ever more closely at performance, either of internal or external portfolio managers. At the same time, they want to examine their risks in more detail, and in conjunction with performance. This has led to a demand for systems and ...

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    No fund is an island

    October 2004 (Magazine)

    Few investment and pension administration applications nowadays operate entirely on their own – most need to be connected to data sources, or reporting, back office or other systems. The internet has simplified the connection to external sources. But the piecemeal implementation and connection of internal systems can lead to inefficiency ...

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    Dealing power goes electronic

    September 2004 (Magazine)

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    Picking and choosing

    June 2004 (Magazine)

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    Trading places - how to choose

    May 2004 (Magazine)

    Electronic trading of fixed-income securities continues to grow as the market starts to consolidate around a number of leading platforms. But while the market has rationalised to some degree, there is still a large number of platforms offering a variety of products and different types of trading. In an attempt ...

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