NORWAY - The Norwegian government is entering the next stage of its pension reform plans by tendering for actuarial consultancy services.

Details of the tender notice reveal the Norwegian ministry of labour and social inclusion is seeking to create a "framework agreement" for actuary consulting services lasting two years, albeit with the option of a two-year extension.

More specifically, the note states the government is looking to work with a single organisation capable of delivering "notes calculation and other documents" in relation to the nation's ongoing pension reform.

Latest changes to the pensions regime came into force in mid-2006, when employers were required to provide workers with a minimum mandatory occupational pension (MOP).

However, reforms have been ongoing since 2004 as the government is keen to ensure every employer has access to first and second pillar pensions.

Tender applications must be submitted to the Oslo-based procurement and reform agency in Norwegian by January 31, 2008.