NETHERLANDS - Frans Prins, director at the Pensions Federation, will leave his current position to become director at the €5bn industry-wide pension fund for Work and Re-Integration (PWRI).

Prins, 55, has been director of the Foundation for Company Pension Funds (OPF) since 2006.

Last year, he joined the Pension Federation, in which the OPF is co-operating with the Association of Industry-wide Pension Funds (VB) and the Union of Occupational Pension Funds (UvB).

"I have worked hard to get the federation up and running, and now it is time for a new challenge," Prins said of his move.

Prins' main tasks at the federation were for its management as well as public affairs.

"These tasks will be continued, but it is not clear how and by whom, as my job change has only been finalised last weekend," he said.

PWRI has over 170,000 participants and pensioners, who are working or have worked at sheltered workshops.

"PWRI is a special scheme, and is under pressure from government efforts to economise on its contribution, and to encourage workers to move to regular companies," Prins explained.

"The scheme's challenge is to keep on generating proper returns, and to keep the pension arrangements sustainable," he added.

Between 1997 and 2002 Prins was director of VB. Before he became director of the OPF, he held a position at PGGM, the provider of the €103bn healthcare scheme PFZW.

Prins will take up his now job on 1 February 2012.