NETHERLANDS - The Dutch Pensions Register plans to increase the amount of information it provides, adding details about the impact from a divorce as well as net pension benefits.

The Stichting Pensioenregister will show the potential surviving relatives' pension at the moment of retirement in the case of a younger partner.

The data bank will also indicate the future state pension for both singles and couples, the register said.

However, although it will show what is to be paid to a former partner after a divorce, it will not yet show what a former partner will receive as part of a divorce settlement, according to Petra Boon, spokeswoman for the Pensions Register.

The extension of the register is scheduled to come online from 1 December 2012.

Currently, the register shows the gross amount of second-pillar pension benefits accrued with pension funds and pension insurers, the benefits for the state pension AOW and surviving relatives' pension.

However, the system does not yet provide information about third-pillar pensions accrued with an insurance company.

Boon said: "Although many players have expressed the need for showing third-pillar rights, incorporating it into the system is still too complicated.

"We are discussing whether we can make it part of a later phase. The same goes for completing the information about a divorce impact."

The database on pensions - a joint initiative of pension funds, insurers and the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) - has been operational since January.

The register is a non-commercial free service for Dutch citizens. It is accessible through a digital code issued by the government.